Company background


The oil-and-gas industry is improven with the assist of service companies

Provision of consulting services in various industries and business areas.

Assist companies to minimize risks


We share our experience and expertise both for the benefit of our regular and new clients involved in global international projects.

CBS Partners is ever-improving. We help our clients to reach their goals through practically feasible strategies.

Our clients benefit from consulting provided by our company to minimize their risks by increasing their legal and tax security, optimize their operating procedures and minimize their costs and from expert support when making managerial decisions.



CBS Partners provides full range of consulting support

Advantages of the partnership

  • Specialists of CBS Partners have unique expertise and long-term experience in providing consulting services for client operating in various areas.
  • We offer our clients comprehensive solutions covering all business needs.
  • We are unique in interdisciplinary expertise provided on any individual department/function/segment of company. Formation of a cross-functional team of managers for solution of any problems, even specific ones.
  • Our experience, understanding of market and expertise help companies to minimize their risks and costs by solving diverse legal, financial, tax, engineering, HR and other matters.
  • We utilize a customized approach for each of our clients.